STREAKING IN TONGUES are an experimental father/son duo from the tiny village of Otisville, Michigan. The multi-instrumentalists, father Ronnie Ferguson and his young son Elliott, are known for their genre-melding albums, multimedia concerts, and creative music videos. Their previous two albums, Life Support (2016) and Kindergarten Prayers (2018), received universal acclaim while landing on several Album of the Year lists, garnering comparisons to Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, Sufjan Stevens, and Mount Eerie. Their new album, Oh My Darlin’ (produced with indie Renaissance man Fred Thomas), is a raw, ambitious, and nuanced portrait of love and loss, in the same neighborhood as Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and Wilco’s Summerteeth. The songs, ranging from 2-minute bursts of rollicking, Violent Femmes-evoking art rock and alternative pop to epic experimental folk, ride a wave of tender exuberance and major-key melancholy, each bolstered by an intricate web of hummable melodies, swelling harmonies, and luminous orchestrations.

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