Oh My Darlin'

(2019, Eternal Playground)

“Surreal soundscapes that demand as much of a reaction out of us through the texture of their melodies as they do the substance of their soulful lyricism. I didn’t know if they were going to be able to top the majestically postmodern tour de force that was Kindergarten Prayers, but I am happy to report that STREAKING IN TONGUES’ Oh My Darlin’ is every bit the refined successor most critics (myself included) had hoped it would be.”

-Indie Shark, Pick of the Week and Catch of the Month

“Trying to predict what’s going to come at us next in this tracklist is like trying to pinpoint when and where a hurricane is going to land some twenty years from now…STREAKING IN TONGUES’ Oh My Darlin’ is an undisputed classic and an album for the ages.”


“Ronnie Ferguson and his extraordinarily talented son Elliott deliver a record that borrows equal parts from Songs of Pain, The Velvet Underground, Rain Dogs and A Saucerful of Secrets, but is inevitably recognizable as being theirs and theirs alone. Oh My Darlin' is a melodic lo-fi masterpiece."

-Indie Pulse Music

"STREAKING IN TONGUES sample ambient, experimental, noise, folk, traditional singer/songwriter music and garage rock influences in Oh My Darlin', and even if it might be the most angular album that this pair has released so far, it's also one fo the most important records to hit stores this October."

-Too Much Love

“STREAKING IN TONGUES reestablish themselves as melodic marksmen capable of finding something glittery in even the grimmest of sonic environments. Oh My Darlin’ is one of the best of 2019. Five stars, without a doubt.”

-Skope Magazine

Kindergarten Prayers

(2018, Eternal Playground)

Kindergarten Prayers is a melting pot of fundamental melodies, and it reminds me a lot of what our world is starting to look and feel like; a diverse collection of amazingly unique tones, each with something special to offer….From one song to next, it’s like we’re being sucked into a vortex of raw colors that are merging together to create something we’ve never seen before. It’s grainy in the most elegant way you can imagine….and it ends up perhaps unintentionally being one of the most articulate albums of the latter half of the decade.”

-No Depression

"The last album by STREAKING IN TONGUES Life Support hinted at the kind of maturity they display on this record, but nothing could have prepared us for its shimmering tonality....Kindergarten Prayers is like an animated dream sequence that plays out before our very ears one scene after another, each more exquisitely indulgent and provocatively severe than the one that preceded it. STREAKING IN TONGUES takes us on a different adventure every time they record a record, and in this case, the theme is definitely innocence itself, and the way that chief songwriter Ronnie Ferguson goes about unfolding this story is spellbinding to put it mildly."

-Indie Band Guru

“There isn’t another record out this year that is as stylishly experimental as Kindergarten Prayers is, and even if the idea of an album as eclectically compiled as this one is a little intimidating, trust me when I say that this is an exceptionally accessible slice of avant-garde gold….This is the best album I’ve reviewed this year, and the competition doesn’t even start to come close with this one. Kindergarten Prayers is a record that requires a lot of attention, but if you’re inclined to sit down and really give music the focus that it deserves, you’re in store for a magical journey led by a father and his young son that will introduce you to the darkest and most opulent of melodies you’re going to hear in the 2010's presented in stunning technicolor.”

-Vents Magazine

"When it Comes to Dreaming", "Cold Summer Tent Revival", "Your Arms", "Around in the River", all three title tracks and "Little Country Boy" could have formulated a complete album worthy of a Grammy nomination all on its own, but that wasn't enough for STREAKING IN TONGUES. There's such a myriad of content included in Kindergarten Prayers that it's almost like three awesome records compiled into one mega-anthology of sonic treasures....This is the thinking music fan's record of the year."

-Indie Shark, Album of the Year Nomination, 2018

“I’ll be the first to say that this album is all over the place, but the pure, authentic spirit behind STREAKING IN TONGUES merits the band more attention than they currently receive. It’s long and sometimes tedious, but Kindergarten Prayers is avant-garde and anti-folk at their best.”

-We Are Mirrors, The Best 18 Albums from 2018

Kindergarten Prayers is such a viciously unpolished record from a band capable of unbelievable melody that it defies the logic of virtually everyone in the western pop music establishment….There’s no need to argue; Daniel Johnston shaped alternative music more than almost any other singer/songwriter of his time, and his presence and legacy can be located in a lot of today’s pop from one end of the spectrum to the next. Listening to STREAKING IN TONGUES reminds me a lot of listening to Daniel’s Austin recordings; they’re scattered and joyously insular, but beneath their rough exterior exists a harmony and relatability that is unparalleled, unmatched in its intimacy.”

-The Indie Source

"Art is completely subjective and no two people will look at or listen to the same work and gather the same interpretation; it just isn't possible. But one of the coolest things about Kindergarten Prayers is how it almost puts up a shield against us reading into it. STREAKING IN TONGUES doesn't want us to overly translate their music. They want us to take it in for what it is and let the framework settle in a little. Five or ten years from now, I think critics are going to have a lot of spirited debates over what this album really means. None of them will ever get it right, because when this band recorded this they didn't do anything wrong."

-Gashouse Radio

Life Support

(2016, Eternal Playground)

"The 12 ramshackle, experimental tracks recall both Elliott Smith and Daniel Johnston in their raw interiority and desperation...like similarly-themed records, Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell and this year's A Crow Looked at Me by Mount Eerie, it's a gauntlet of a listen, but a work of sterling quality."

-Spirit You All, Best Albums of 2016

"When you hear the music and the voice of Ronnie Ferguson, your pulse slows down...it's beautiful and delicate, raw, a poetry unvarnished. Ferguson's songwriting connects to and kindles the honesty and vulnerability of eclectic troubadours...namely Elliott Smith, but also Sufjan Stevens, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Gillian Welch, Tom Waits, Beck, or the original heart-on-the-sleeve stylist, Brian Wilson."

-Deep Cutz


(The Eternal Playground)

(2015, Eternal Playground)

"Ferguson's songs are the perfect mix of sweet and sour; tales of disappointment and addiction as agents of wonder and joy. Deadpan one-liners sung just out of tune bring to mind early Wayne Coyne and Isaac Brock without sounding like he's trying for either."

-Ghettoblaster Magazine

"STREAKING IN TONGUES' inaugural offering is definitely a full body workout: one part absurdist, two parts shock therapy, and three parts theological stew. Oh, and yes, musical landscapes and lyrical jaunts that are strikingly new and fairly outrageous...not something one should take sitting down."

-Paul Patton, author of Prophetically Incorrect

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