Full-Length Album (12 Songs) - Released November 2, 2016

"It's appropriate that the trailer for the new record from STREAKING IN TONGUES is a clip from The Exorcist IIILife Support is the sound of a man fighting off the devil. Ronnie Ferguson's father died when Ronnie was in high school, and when the 34-year-old songwriter and bandleader of STREAKING IN TONGUES relocated to the backwoods of northern Michigan - hours away from friends and bandmates - his long-submerged depression and grief returned with a vengeance. Life Support is a harrowing chronicle of the period, played and recorded almost entirely by Ferguson himself in his bedroom, and the 12 ramshackle, experimental tracks recall both Elliott Smith and Daniel Johnston in their raw interiority and desperation. This is staring-into-the-abyss stuff, and on songs like "Devil in my Ear", the abyss has grown teeth and claws and is beating down the bedroom door. And though it's an album that's swollen with pain, it's gilded with a hope against hope that God is actually real. Ronnie Ferguson has made an incredibly intimate, idiosyncratic record in Life Support, but on the heartbreaking, out-of-joint lament "Born to Bruise", he's getting at something universal when he sings, "I've gotta believe or I'll scream"."

-Spirit You All, from Best Albums of 2016

Knocky-Boo (The Eternal Playground) by STREAKING IN TONGUES

Full-Length Double Album (28 Songs) – Released January 2, 2015

"STREAKING IN TONGUES' inaugural offering is definitely a full body workout: one part absurdist, two parts shock therapy, and three parts theological stew.  Oh, and yes, musical landscapes and lyrical jaunts that are strikingly new and fairly outrageous...not something one should take sitting down."

-Paul Patton, author of Prophetically Incorrect


"Ferguson's songs are the perfect mix of sweet and sour; tales of disappointment and addiction as agents of wonder and joy. Deadpan one-liners sung just out of tune bring to mind early Wayne Coyne and Isaac Brock without sounding like he's trying for either."

-Ghettoblaster Magazine

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